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Another Option for Chrome

Consider XtendIn

If you use the Chrome browser you should consider using the XtendIn solution instead of installing the turboDial Linker Extension.

XtendIn is a feature-rich plug-in for Chrome browser that adds extensive additional capabilities on top of your Infusionsoft user interface. And it has been enhanced to also support turboDial.

Now, with XtendIn you can

  • See the turboDial button on more pages in Infusionsoft, including the “Grid View” of search listings
  • Avoid the problem of accidentally launching multiple copies of turboDial when you use Chrome and view Infusionsoft in multiple pages or tabs.
  • Access dozens of additional capabilities added to Infusionsoft.

More details on the XtendIn features that support turboDial can be found here: https://xtendin.com/interface/infusionsoft/features/turbodial/

While there is no extra charge for the turboDial Linker Extension, the XtendIn plug-in does have a $4.95/mo subscription fee and it can be purchased here: https://xtendin.com/

If you have already installed the turboDial Linker Extension into your Chrome Browser you will be able to disable or remove it after you have installed and configured XtendIn.

The owners and creators of turboDial also use XtendIn and recommend it highly, and it’s a “Must Have” tool for Infusionsoft power users.

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