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Inbound SMS Keywords

With this feature turboDial will trigger automation in Infusionsoft when someone sends you an SMS text message containing one of your keywords.

Keyword Marketing Decisions

To use SMS Keywords in your marketing strategy you will first think through the following decisions:

  1. What List of Keywords will you use in your marketing?
  2. For each Keyword, what Inbound Phone Number (or Numbers) must the SMS message be sent to for automation to be triggered?
  3. For each combination of Keyword and Inbound Number, what automation steps should be created in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder?

How It Works

You activate this feature by configuring one or more Keywords in your  turboDial Management Account . Once you do that, turboDial operates as follows:

  1. turboDial will scan all inbound SMS messages to any of your turboDial Inbound Numbers looking for your Keywords.
  2. When a Keyword match occurs in a message turboDial will then look to see if you have an API Goal in Infusionsoft that matches both the Keyword and the Inbound Number the message was sent to.
  3. If an API Goal that matches both the Keyword and the Inbound Number is found then turboDial will trigger that Goal to start the automation in your Infusionsoft account. 

There is a monthly charge associated with this feature.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to use this SMS Inbound Keyword feature with a large live audience. This feature does not support large mass quantities of SMS messages arriving at one time.

For Each Keyword There Are 3 Steps:

Step 1: Configure the Keyword in your turboDial Management Account

Your turboDial account holder can add or delete SMS keywords using the form at this page. Here is an example of a list of three Keywords:

Each Keyword must be a single string of letters and/or digits and cannot contain spaces or other punctuation.
A Keyword should be an unusual word that will not be commonly included in an SMS message.

You can update this list at any time and turboDial will immediately begin using your modified list for scanning inbound SMS messages. However, automation will not be triggered until you have also followed the instructions in Step 2 below.

Step 2: Configure the API Goal (or Goals)

After you add an SMS Keyword you will then create one or more API Goals.

Each API Goal will combine one Keyword with one Inbound Number.

The Keyword is filled into the “Integration” field and the Inbound Number is filled into the “Call Name” field, as shown below:

Integration: <keyword>
Call Name:  Inbound<number>

Where <keyword> is the lower case version of your Keyword.
and <number> is the digits of the inbound number the SMS is sent to.
Note that the word Inbound begins with a capital I.

Please Read: After you add or change an API Goal in your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder you must inform turboDial to look for it by clicking the Reset Disabled Goals button in your turboDial Management Account.

Here’s an example, using a Keyword of “Alpine” and an Inbound Number of +16193455229.

Notes on the Example:

  • An inbound SMS message containing “Alpine” (or “alpine”, or “ALPINE” etc.) and sent to +16193455229 will cause the API Goal to be triggered by turboDial
  • An inbound SMS message sent to +16193455229 that does not contain “Alpine” (or “alpine”, or “ALPINE” etc.) will not trigger automation in your Infusionsoft Campaign.
  • An SMS containing “Alpine” sent to an Inbound Number different than +16193455229 will not trigger automation in your Infusionsoft Campaign.

Multiple Numbers?
If you want the Keyword to trigger automation for more than one Inbound Number then you will proceed to create additional API Goals, one for each Inbound Number you want to associate to the Keyword.

Step 3: Create the Remaining Automation

Use the API Goal from Step 2 to begin any sequence of automation you desire in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder. Some options include: Campaign SMS, Hot Lead Call, Hot Lead Alert, or the automation can set the leadsource and assign a Task to someone in your team to give the prospect a call.


SMS Keyword Reports

To help you create reports that summarize your SMS Keyword activity you will need to create a custom note field. Find more detailed information on custom note fields here. In this section we will only discuss the custom note field needed for Keywords.

Custom fields must be added at Infusionsoft → Admin → Settings page of your Infusionsoft account. In the General Application Settings, select the  Task/Appt/Note drop down under Custom Fields. 

The custom field must be named: Keyword Triggers (capitalization is critical). The type will be: Text.


Note Records for SMS Messages with Keywords:
turboDial automatically attaches a Note Record to the Contact associated with the ‘from’ phone number when an Inbound SMS text message arrives. If successful Keywords matches are found in the message then those Keywords will be saved in the “Keyword Triggers” custom field in the Note Record.

You can use the Keyword Triggers field to create reports in Infusionsoft showing the SMS messages that included Keywords that triggered API Goals.

See this guide section for full information on creating turboDial Reports in Infusionsoft.

Stopping the Automation

You can stop triggering automation for a specific Keyword by removing that Keyword from the list in your turboDial Management Account.  You do not need to disable or remove the associated API Goals in your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder.  This makes it simple to run a Marketing program for a limited time, then stop it for a while, and then start it up again.

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