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Inbound SMS Keywords

turboDial can trigger API Goals set in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder when inbound SMS text messages contain certain Keywords you have configured in your turboDial Management Account.

There is a monthly charge associated with this feature.

All Inbound SMS messages will be scanned for the Keywords you enter in your turboDial Management Account, and when a match occurs turboDial will trigger an associated campaign goal in your Infusionsoft account. 

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to use this SMS Inbound Keyword feature with a large live audience. This feature does not support large mass quantities of SMS messages arriving at one time.

There are 3 steps in the set-up process:

Step 1: Establishing Keywords in your turboDial Management Account

The turboDial account holder can add or delete SMS keywords. Here is an example of a small list of Keywords:

Step 2: API Goal Configuration

Now that your SMS Keywords have been selected, and you have created your custom fields in your Infusionsoft account, you are ready to build a campaign. This is how you will fill the API Goal.

Integration: <keyword>
Call Name:  Inbound<number>

Where <keyword> is the lower case version of your Keyword.
and <number> is the digits of the inbound number the SMS was sent to.
Note that the word Inbound begins with a capital I.

You can then use that API Goal to begin any sequence of automation you desire in Infusionsoft Campaign Builder. Some options include: Campaign SMS, Hot Lead Call, Hot Lead Alert, or it can set the leadsource and assign a Task to someone in your team to give the prospect a call.

Note: An inbound SMS message will not trigger automation in your Infusionsoft Campaign unless you have created an API Goal that exactly matches the Keyword and the Inbound Number for the SMS message, as specified above.

Please Read: After you add or change an API Goal in your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder you must inform turboDial to look for it by clicking the Reset Disabled Goals button in your turboDial Management Account.

Step 3: Custom Note Fields

To set up Keywords to trigger automation, you will need to create a custom note field. Find more detailed information on custom note fields here. In this section we will only discuss the custom note field needed for Keywords.

Custom fields must be added at Infusionsoft → Admin → Settings page of your Infusionsoft account. In the General Application Settings, select the  Task/Appt/Note drop down under Custom Fields. 

The custom field must be named: Keyword Triggers (capitalization is critical). The type will be: Text.


turboDial automatically attaches a call note to every contact record, this includes inbound SMS text messages.

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